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New PC Awesome !

hp sprout pro g2

So you’ve got a new PC Awesome !That brand new installation of Windows is lean and mean and lighting fast, but it’s lacking some of the must-have applications we use all the time as PC gamers. Some of these are pretty obvious, like Steam and Google Chrome.

Here’s what we picked.

Web browsers

Chromium vs Chrome

Google Chrome – The obvious choice, but you can choose Opera or Firefox.


Global cyberattack

Avira – Currently what we consider the best free antivirus available.


Skype – As much as we hate it when Skype Improves Our Experience, you should probably have it to chat with your parents or kids or significant other.

Trillian – (Optional) A good IM client for messaging via AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, and more. Even ICQ. Remember your number?

Remove bloatware 

Another thing to do is to clean up the mess that comes with your PC. Find out all the trial software that you do not intend to use and remove it from PC. These applications include the likes of ISPs advertisements like AOL and Earthlink, an antivirus app, trial versions of Money or Quickbooks, etc.

Here are a few general rules for dealing with bloatware:

  • If it’s a preloaded antivirus program such as Norton or McAfee, get rid of it. These preloaded options do not offer the best malware protection available. On top of that, they slow down your system and spam you with annoying pop-ups, and the free trials run out in 30 days anyway. Then they start bothering you for money.
  • If it’s a toolbar or browser extension, throw it away. A toolbar has never made anyone’s life better, and untrusted browser extensions can generate annoying pop-ups and collect your browsing data.
  • If Java came preinstalled on your computer, uninstall it. You probably don’t need it, and it’s a potential security hole. (If a program you use demands it, you can reinstall it later.)
  • If a program says “Microsoft,” “Windows,” or “driver” anywhere in the name, don’tremove it unless you are 300 percent sure you don’t need it.
  • If a program includes your laptop manufacturer’s name (Acer, Asus, etc.), proceed with caution. Some of those apps are crucial to keeping your laptop updated with the latest drivers and BIOS. Others are unnecessary apps that no one wants, like an extra word processor. The best way to find out which category a particular app falls into is by using The PC Decrapifier or Should I Remove It, plus some smart Googling to find out what exactly it does and how many other people got rid of it.
  • If you downloaded The PC Decrapifier, Should I Remove It, or a similar tool, don’t forget to uninstall it using the Windows Programs & Features menu after you’re finished purging.

Install some good and useful software 

Top DVD Copy Software for Windows and MAC

Once you are done with the basics, start installing the software you need by visit websites and manually install each program you like.

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