Time For A Walk


Time For a Walk
It’s time for a TrainingTips post and time for a walk.
Yep time for a walk. Walking is a great low impact low intensity form of exercise that offers loads of health benefits. I’ve always known this, we all do. But it’s only since I’ve been a dog owner that I actually go out for a purposeful daily walk and hence now able to see the benefits for myself.
On a good brisk walk I’m burning up a good 300 calories in 40 to 60 minutes, now I know that’s not a huge amount but you calculate that over 7 days and all of a sudden that’s 2100 calories!! That’s more than some people’s daily requirements. So that simple walk now becomes an easy way to help reduce fat free mass and your waist to hip ratio if that is your goal. I have personally noticed a leaner me in the mirror, which due to my great dismay I have been upping my intake a little too compensate.
But it’s not always about the calories and weight loss is it? A noticeable factor for me is how my mood is lifted and how energised I feel after my walks. Especially when I’ve been in the woods, it’s becoming a priceless stress reliever. These feelings of increased energy and alertness are induced by an increase in oxygen supply around the body and the brain.
The daily walks have also made a positive impact on some reoccurring niggles that I have in my knee and ankle, so much so that I’m hardly getting any jip from them at all.
There are lots of widely researched benefits of regular walking:
– Increase cardiorespiratory fitness
– Reduce the risk of many chronic diseases
– Improve cholesterol profiles
– Reduce blood pressure
– Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and even help to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes
– Help prevent dementia
– Boost your immune system and bone health through an increased exposure to sunlight and vitamin D
All of these benefits are unquestionably positive and available to everyone for a small amount of effort and time that it takes to go for a walk. Just think if we all walked more, if we all exercised more, if we all had healthier diets, we would all be living healthier and full filled lives and in turn we would see a huge reduction in health care costs off the back of it.
Win win surely.




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