Tips and Tricks Deleted Photos will also come in the Phone Back


Deleted Photos will also come in the Phone Back

Aurga Smart DSLR

Smartphone gallery has a lot of photos, but many times, if this photo is deleted forever due to a mistake or a virus, what will you do? Regrettably! But there is no need to repent because with some simple tricks you can easily recover the deleted photos forever:

1. First of all see where the deleted photos were saved ie that the photos were saved in the phone memory or on the memory card.

2. If the delete photo was in memory card and the card has been formatted then you can not get the photos back without any professional help, but if the card is not formatted you can recover the photos yourself. Actually, when deleted from the memory card, the photos are deleted from the users.

3. To recover the deleted photo from the memory card, connect the card to the computer and take a full backup of the card, during this time if a file gets corrupted then there is no need to worry.

4. Deleted photos from the phone memory are hidden by the operating system and replace them with new photos, so stop pulling new photos from the phone if the deleted photos were saved in the phone memory. In fact, whenever you take a new photo, old photos will be automatically deleted for all time.

5. Very often the rest of the files in the phone memory also surrounds the hidden photos, then users have trouble doing recovery. So the easiest way would be to save a contact, message, or file in the phone memory until the deleted photos are recovered.

  • Use of Photo Recovery Software

1. To recover deleted photos from the phone, you will need additional photo recovery software, so use third party software like you can use the Asoftech Photo Recovery software. It can download from Asoftech’s website.

2. Now first of all install this software on your computer and install it. Then connect the phone’s memory card through the card reader to the computer.

3. If the delicate photos were saved in the phone memory, connect the phone with the help of a USB cable with the computer. Normally, the phone or memory card in the computer is displayed in my computer after the drive H or G.

4. Then click on Asoftech Photo Recovery software and select the phone as it appears on the computer as soon as the program starts. Now the scanning of the phone will start itself.

5. Once the scanning is complete the software will show the list of those photos which can be recovered.

6. Select the photos you want to recover from the list, and click on the ‘Recover’ option.

7. Now you will see that all the photos have been saved in the phone.

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