Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy With These Exercises


Keep Your Heart Healthy With These Exercises

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The heart is undoubtedly is a miraculous organ pumping 5-7 liters of blood per minute. Technically, it is the best machine beating 70 times in a minute and oxygenating 7600 liters of blood per day. Heart diseases have become deadest illnesses accounting for 31 % of the death in the world while one in every four people in India. Over the last two decades maintain a good cardiac health has become difficult for people. Today the individuals begin to have coronary problems from a young age, which build up over the years if not treated, threatening the life. Our heart is indeed a muscular organ; in fact, it has the strongest muscle in the body.

With regular exercising, you can strengthen the walls of your heart, arteries and vein. It comes with dual benefit as you will not only improve your cardiac heart but also eliminate obesity.

It is better to pick a physical activity which you enjoy doing in order to fully engage yourself in the exercise routine. In general, moderately intense physical activities are best for cardiac fitness.

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Below is the list of a exercises you can perform to have a healthy heart –

1. Brisk Walking

According to the latest researches, a brisk of 30 minutes can make a big difference to your heart. Walking at a speed which is not as fast that you huff and puff but much faster than the pace you walk normally is a brisk walk. It is a great exercise epically for older and overweight people who cannot do vigorous workouts.

2. Spinning

Cycling is a remarkable exercise to increase the endurance of your lower body as well as strengthen the core muscles. You can hit the streets with your bicycle and enjoy exercising in open space. If you live in an area with huge traffic or don’t own a cycle join a spinning class. Also, you can do indoor cycling without going out of your home by purchasing exercise bikes from the Home Gym setup stores.

3. Swimming and Water Aerobics

Instead of just laying in the water you can shed away the lethargy and get your body a breeze of freshness. If you love cardiovascular exercise and have an affinity for water, water aerobics is the perfect option for you. Training in water is not only effective for the heart but also enhances the muscle endurance. You can improve the overall health of your body. Swimming is a great option for people who have joint problems.

4. Running

One of the easiest exercises to shed the extra calories without any training is running. A steady run is recommended for enhancing the cardiac health. In the beginning, walk fast and with every interval of 10-15 seconds increase your speed. After a few minutes, you will reach your average running speed. Continue your run; if you feel exhausted reduce your speed to recover from tiredness. If you have not run for years, you can jog for a few days before start the running schedule. People who have strong physique can run on the Treadmill to enjoy a vigorous session. These days a lot treadmill supplier provides economical gym machines to facilitate individuals having a gym at home.

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