TIPS To Share Heavy Files Fast In Computer System


Share Heavy Files Fast In Computer System

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You want to share a file faster but because of the limitations of email services, then you can get help from these three sites. They allow you to share Wi-Fi or online files. You do not need to install any software or app here because it is via browser.

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  • Firefox Send

If you do not want file sharing during it’s store on the company’s server, then you can use Firefox Send. This is a simple file sharing site. This is particularly good for those people, so be careful about their data during file sharing.

To send the file, open the site and upload it. You will find a unique URL, which you can share with the person you are sending the file. Here you will be able to upload files up to 1 GB easily. The recipient must download it within 24 hours of uploading the file. This site works on both desktop mobile

  • Nofile dot io

In this you can share up to 10 GB files. Here, after uploading the file you get the URL, through which you can share the file. You can also have a password with your file and you can also decide to download the time of the file. A preview of the file can be seen before downloading it. You can also encrypt the file before uploading it.

  • Fast Fish

In other file sharing sites, you have to first upload files to the server, then a URL is generated. After which the URLs with which they share the file has to be downloaded. If the file is large, then it has taken a lot of time. But here file uploads and downloads happen together. That means you will upload the file on one side and the recipient will download it at the same time.

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