Top 10 Important Things About Kimbho Android & iOS App


Know These 10 Special Things About Kimbho App

KIMBHOThe 10 Essential Things About Kimbho App
After the SIM card, Patanjali launched the app to compete with the Whatsapp. Kibo app offers videos, photos, doodles, stickers and GIFs. This app can be fully viewed as the opponent of Whatsapp after the LokationSport. The Kibo app was launched for the first time in May this year. However, due to security and privacy, it was removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store a day later. On August 15, Yoga Guru Ramdev announced the launch of the app on August 27. Here we are telling you about 10 types of apps that you must know.

Baba Ramadev New Messaging App Kaimbho
  1. Competition with Whatsapp
    Patanjali spokesman SK Tijarawala tweeted during the launch of the app, “Now India will talk. After the launch of SIM cards, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging app called Kibo. Now, WhatsApp will get the competition. ‘
  2. Why do you name me?
    Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala said in a tweet, “Kimbho in Sanskrit means what is going on and what is the news.”
  3. Video, photo, sticker support
    The app offers videos, photos, doodles, stickers and GIFs. The app claims to have all the features found in the Whatsapp app.
  4. Video chatting
    Patanjali’s Kimbho app makes video chatting support. Users can also create groups for chat However, more information about group video call features has not been given.
  5. Location Sharing
    The app also offers the option to share the location. This allows users to share the location with their friends etc. on the chat app.
  6. Encrypted message
    During the first launch, the app had claimed to be AES end-to-end encrypted like Whatsapp. This means that only the sender and receiver can see them.
  7. Ghost chat
    Kibho also offers the ability to ‘ghost chats’ and message auto delete. However, the company has not said much about this feature, but it is expected that this feature will set an expiry time for the message.
  8. Security
    When the app was launched in May, a security researcher claimed that it would prove to be a ‘security disaster’. He even said that a person with little knowledge of technology can easily stop or read his message. The researcher also said that the team of Kimbho has copied an app called ‘Bolo’.
  9. Permission
    Like the Whatsapp app, you will have to permit access to the mic, phone, contacts, device id, photo, multimedia and camera etc. to use the app.
  10. Availability
    The Kibo app was launched on 30th May for the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple. But due to technical shortcomings, the app was removed from there within 24 hours of launch. Now it will be re-launched.

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