Top 10 Power Bank For Mobile In India January 2017


Top 10 Power Bank For Mobile In INDIA

Power Bank for mobile phones currently becomes a requirement have gadget for all smartphone users. although the Smartphones have a really high performance battery with good standby time. But still, once it return to operating, it drains very fast. thus to stay our mobile phone on, we all want an influence supply. And for that, there are various Mobile power banks within the market. however it’s tough to choose the most effective Power bank. thus here i’ll review some power banks.


Here i’m sharing the highest 10 best power banks for mobile in India. you’ll be able to selected from the list, every power bank detail is additionally mentioned. you’ll be able to choose consistent with your budget and want.

1. Mi 10000mAH Power Bank


1000 mAH Panasonic/Lg Bettry Cell.
Weight : 207g.

The price for 10000. 20000mAh are Rs 1299, 2199 respectively.(Price not Decided)

2. Asus Zen Power IN 10500 mAH


10500mAH Battery
Weight : 222g.

Well if we talk about its price, it is quiet high. It cost Rs 1659, but it worth it.(Price not Decided)

3. Honor Power Bank 1300 mAH


Weight 325g

It is cover with aluminum body and is fully protected. It is also protected from short circuit, over charge and discharge. So overall its a good power bank with a price of Rs 1399.(Price not Decided)

4. Intex IT-PB15k 15000 mAh Power Bank  (Black)


This power bank has good reviews from user and in this range you are getting a 15000 mAH power bank. The best feature of this PB is it comes with 3 output USB post, so simultaneously you can charge up to 3 device.

5. Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank (Cheapest Power Bank)

It is the cheapest power bank with all features and good performance. In just Rs 799, you get a 10000 mAh battery backup with 3 USB output. And also it has a torch light stick, which looks cool.(Price not Decided)

6. Intex 10000 mAh Power Bank (IT-PB10k)


1000 mAH
Weight  : 272g

It is available at a price of Rs 1366only.(Price not Decided)

7. PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank


10400 mAH
Weight : 236g

It is small size light weight only 236 Gm. And it comes with 1 year warranty. Its price is Rs 1099 only.(Price not Decided)

8. Sony CP-V10 10000 mAh

1000 mAH
Weight : 245g

This has small size and light weight. It is only 245 gm and is fully portable. You can carry it in your pocket also. Its price is Rs 2300.(Price not Decided)

9. Lenovo 10400 mAH Power Bank

10400 mAH.
Weight : 240g.

This power bank is based on Lithium ion battery and it waits for 240 g and its price is Rs 1075 only. (Price not Decided)

10. One Plus 10000 mAh Power Bank

10000 mAH
Weight : 220g



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