Top 5 best ways to break Pattern Lock on any Android device

“How to unlock pattern lock on my Android phone? I have changed my pattern lock and can’t seem to remember it now!”


Ways to Unlock Pattern Lock on Android Easily

To prevent unwanted access to your phone, it is always wise to enable certain security measures. By design, Android devices come with very helpful security features that you can set up to protect your device from prying eyes. Two of the most commonly used security measures are the pattern lock and the personal identification number (PIN). Unfortunately, you may be locked out of your own Android device due to a forgotten password or pattern lock. While being locked out of your Android device can be frustrating, it is only a minor setback as you can easily bypass these security measures and break into your Android device so you can use it again.

Method 1: Recovery mode

This is one of the easiest ways to by-pass or removes the lock screen, where you need to hard reset your phone to factory restore settings. For this, you need to put your device into Recovery Mode.

Step 1: First, switch off your phone and press and hold volume up, home, and power buttons at the same time to enter into Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Once the bootloader opens, select the “Recovery mode” and press the power button to enter into recovery mode.

Step 3: When you are in Recovery Mode, use the volume down button to select ‘Wipe data/factory reset‘ option, and select it. Now your mobile will reboot itself.

Method 2:Factory Reset to Bypass Android Lock Screen Password

If Android Device Manager won’t work at all for you, you may need to continue the more drastic methods, just try to make a factory reset on your Android device. But you must be aware that this will erase everything like app, settings and other personal data on your device, the good thing is that you can access to your phone without password lock. Nearly all manufacturers offer a way to factory reset Android when it boots into OS, the factory reset process may be a little different according to your device type, for most devices, you need to first turn off the device to start the process.

Step 1. Hold the power button and volume down at the same time, the Bootloader menu will open.

Step 2. Press volume down button two times to select “Recovery Mode” and choose it by pressing “Power” button.

Step 3. Hold down the power button and tap “Volume Up” once, enter “recovery” mode.

Step 4. In the menu, there is a option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, choose it by pressing Power button.

Step 5. Select “Reboot System Now” once the process is done.

Method 3: Android device manager

Using Android device manager you can remove the lock-screen or by-pass it too. This will work only, if you have logged into the Google account on your phone. You can proceed by heading on to

Step 1: Log into to Android Device Manager with Gmail ID, you used in phone along with the password.

Step 2: Once the device gets connected, click on the “Lock” button. After which, a new window will pop up asking for a new password to replace the current PIN, pattern or password.

Step 3: Type a new password and confirm it.

Method 4:Use the ‘Forgot Pattern’ Feature

If your device is running Android 4.4 or lower, try using the “Forgot Pattern” feature. After 5 failed unlock attempts, you’ll see a message that says “Try again in 30 seconds.” While this message is showing, tap the button at the bottom of the screen that says “Forgot Pattern.”

Method 5: Use Find my mobile service

In case, if you are using Samsung phones, then this option is for you. Proceed to this method by following the below steps

Step 1: Make sure you log into your Samsung Account.

Step 2: Now click on “Lock my screen” option

Step 3: Once done, enter the new PIN and click on Lock button

Step 4: Now the PIN will be changed where you can unlock with the new PIN.

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