Travel Tourism 12 Indian Holiday Destinations For Every Month of The Year


Travel Tourism Indian Holiday Destinations For Every Month of The Year

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Today we will disqus Travel Tourism you all are thinking to go for tour now we tell you best places to visit all over India according to months and about their weather.

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List of Travel Tourism 12 Indian Holiday Destinations For Every Month of The Year

  1. January
    You can go to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in January to spend your vacation. Here you will be able to feel fresh in the air flowing through the ocean.
  2. February
    In February, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is one of the best and coolest places for you. The campsite in the sand field will give you a lot of comfort in the cold nights of February. During this time you can also choose the color festival of Kutch.
  3. March
    The sun’s heat increases in March. The sky seems to be clean. In this way you can go to Iruppu Falls of Karnataka. Flowing water from hundreds of feet will flutter all your troubles. Iruppu Falls is in Kodagu district.
  4. April
    You can move to Meghalaya in April. To save from sunshine, heat and stress, you can come to Mavenlinong, the most clean village in Asia. It is settled on the East Kashi Hills of Meghalaya. Surrounded by mountains, this village is of pure air and calm atmosphere. Only here in the world will you find bridges made from green trees.
  5. May
    In May, the sun’s sunlight starts to bother. In such a situation, you need to go to a cool place. Your needs will remove the Digongu area of ​​Sikkim. This area of ​​northern Sikkim is known for its beauty. This place is surrounded by Seven Sister Water Falls.
  6. June
    In June, some areas of India have the highest heat. During this time holidays in schools are also done. In such a situation, you need to come to Malana in Himachal Pradesh. This place surrounded by mountains will refresh you. Here you can also dip into the cold water on the mountains.
  7. July
    The month of July brings beautiful laws for you. In this month you need to come to the Valley of Flowers located on the hills of Uttarakhand. This is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You have to take a permit ofGenjaria and then you will start your 3-kilometer climb.
  8. August
    If you want to enjoy the holidays in August then you need to go to Ladakh. Nibru Valley of Ladakh is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. You can erase your yearly tiredness in a few hours by roaming here in beautiful lakes and small villages.
  9. September
    Nag Tibah track of Uttarakhand opens in the month of September. If you are interested in tracking, then you can choose this place. If you are not enjoying trekking, then there will be snow-covered hills and cold air, which will make you feel fresh inside.
  10. October
    In the coming days, festive season begins in India. If you are planning a day or two for a holiday, then you should come to Haryana’s Bharatpur Bird Century. Here you will find hundreds of migratory birds of hundreds of new species.
  11. November
    If you are planning a long vacation, then you should come back after booking a train ticket from October 23 to November 4. During this time the Pushkar fair begins. During this time you will be able to see full moon during full moon with sophisticated programs.
  12. December
    If you look at the voice of your heart in December, then he will say, ‘Bhaiya now go Goa.’ The beautiful beach here attracts you. Having a holiday in Goa is your own fun.

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