Best Way to Properly Use a Bath Mat


Way to Properly Use a Bath Mat

Bathroom Mat

When it came to usage, the general consensus was that this is the wrong way to do it:

  • Finish shower
  • Grab towel from inside the shower
  • Dry off inside the shower
  • Then step out onto the mat

When we shower, we tend to simply spread another bath towel and toss all of them within the wash once we end. It sounds odd particularly if you happen to be a “pretty bathroom freak” like I. I feel safer wandering around in the dead of night currently that we’ve no rugs anyplace in our house. Our heating ducts run under the house with floor registers in each space thus our feet don’t get cold.

How To Wash Bathroom Mat

1. Look at the care label. Most bathroom rugs are machine-washable, but it’s a good idea to see if yours has special laundering instructions such as air-dry only.

2. Shake the rug outdoors. If possible, shake the rug outside to get rid of as much hair as possible.

3. Machine wash two at a time. To keep your washing machine balanced, add two bath rugs at a time. If you don’t have two, add towels to balance the load.

4. Use the right products. While you can theoretically bleach white bathroom rugs, it’s not a good idea. Over time, bleach can break down the rubber backing and ruin your rugs. Vinegar is also another no-no since its acidic nature will corrode the rubber backing. Instead, treat stains by adding oxygenated bleach along with your regular laundry detergent. Also add 1/2 cup borax to disinfect and kill both mold and mildew spores.

5. Use COLD water to wash. Hot water will loosen the glue that holds the carpet fibers to the rubber backing. Since you’re using borax to disinfect the load, and oxygenated bleach to deal with stains, your rugs will come out perfectly fine if you use the cold wash and rinse cycle.

6. Air dry when possible. If you can, it’s best to air dry your rugs to preserve their rubber backing and adhesives. Drying them in the sun also ensures they’re sanitized. When that’s not possible, run them in the dryer for the shortest amount of time possible — usually around 20 minutes — and remove them immediately.

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