Why Are We Asked to Turn off or Switch Flight mode Our Phones for Takeoff and Landing of Airplane

  • Turn off or Switch Flight mode Our Phones for Takeoff and Landing of Airplane


A few years ago, during takeoff and landing in the plane’s journey, passengers were asked to shut their phones, but since the flight mode option has arrived in the smart phone, it is not necessary to discontinue the phone during the flight journey. Has remained. The reason is that with Flight Mode, the phone’s communication system, such as WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth stops working. This feature of flight mode makes it necessary for aeroplane. Flight mode is specially designed for the journey of the plane, so that your phone can not disturb the flight function and system.

Your phone can be built between the flight and control tower wall

You may know this fact that the aeroplen continues to be connected to some air traffic control tower during its air journey. When a plane takes a takeoff or a land, a second minute missed communication between the pilot and the control tower can be a big accident, because both of these processes are very difficult and stressful. If the signals of the smartphone are intercepted by the signal of the airplane, the communication between the pilot and the control tower may cause noise in the dialogue. If this happens then the confusion can cause a plane to be hazardous. This is why it is important to keep the phone in flight mode during takeoff and landing of the flight.

When Can I Leave Flight Mode

After a few minutes after the takeoff of the flight or after giving the information of the plane staff, you can remove your phone from flight mode, but after remembering you will not be able to use the entire communication system of the phone. Different Flight Rules can also be tough and normal for flight mode.

No restrictions on Free use of Camera or Sound Recorder

Devices that do not have the convenience of WiFi or data transfer, you can use them during the journey of the plane without any interruptions. DSLR cameras, video cameras, sound recorders, low hearing devices etc. can be used comfortably without any movement during the plane’s journey. On the other hand, devices equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, Infrared etc. have to keep in the off or flight mode during the plane’s journey.

Now you may have understood that the flight mode of your phone is so important for the right flight of the option aeroplane. By the way, if you use flight mode at home to avoid anybody’s phone call then no one will say bad.

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