Turn Your Old Phone into a Security camera

Make an iOS or Android security cam


Turn Your Old Phone into a Security camera By the Help of these Security Apps



  • If you have an old smartphone, give it a new life as a CCTV camera.
  • The entire process takes five minutes and will cost you nothing.
  • All you need is an old phone, a charger, and a Wi-Fi connection.

The changing technology has made everything easier now. You use your smartphone not only for calling but also for many things like camera, scanning.

Not only this, if you have an old device, then you can use it to protect your home too.

Yes, you can take care of your home or office from any corner of the world through your smartphone.

Get started

First, verify your old iPhone is running at least iOS 6.0, or if you have an old Android device it needs to be running Android 4.2 or later, which is the minimum requirement.

That basically means you’ll need at least an iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 or fourth-generation iPod touch to be able to use Manything with iOS.

Assuming your device fits the bill, download Manything from the App Store or Google Play Store, then open the app and tap ‘Sign up’ to create an account.

IP Webcam app

IP Webcam
IP Webcam
Developer: Pavel Khlebovich
Price: Free
  • IP Webcam Screenshot
  • IP Webcam Screenshot

1- Download the IP Webcam app first in your Android smartphone. After this, before you open the app, go into the settings and go inside the app. After this, stop any of the camera apps that are present in your phone. After that open the IP Webcam app.

2- Now select the plug-in option and tap it. Install all the features provided in it. After installing FEATURES, turn on all. If you do not turn any feature on it then that feature will not work.

3- Now back to the app and tap the start server option at the bottom. Let’s go to the window coming in that yes.

4- Webcam’s IP address will appear in the window. Copy and insert it on that phone or PC, from which to watch live video.

5- Enter the IP address on that browser and enter it. After which a window will open. Tap on the browser here and you will be able to see live videos.

Home Security-Alfred Keep Your Home Safe

1- First of all, download the Home Security-Alfred app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your old phone first. Now install this app in the phone or tablet you want to monitor.

2- After you open the app, you will be asked for sign-up or log-in.

3- Both phones in which this app is installed are logged in with the same email address.

4- After that decide which phone to make a security camera and who receivers

5- When you set up, you will start seeing pictures.

6- However, it is important for the phone to have Wi-Fi or an Internet connection.

7- Place the phone in the house where it can easily charge, otherwise you will not be able to monitor when the phone’s battery is down. It also has features like motion detector, two-way communication.

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