Twitter cannot be trusted anymore why


Twitter cannot be Trusted

Twitter, that was once a hub of comebacks, malicious (and typically important) public banter, currently belongs to a select few with the power of infinite bot accounts at their fingerprints. A recent analysis undertaken at University college London only goes to verify the unhappy state of affairs at the once celebrated microblogging platform.
The analysis discovered huge networks of bot accounts on Twitter, the biggest consisting of 350,000 fake accounts. The extreme scale of destruction by not one, but multiple networks like these goes to show the decline of quality content on the platform. And, it’s nothing new.

Twitter has been disreputable for housing bot accounts for a moment now,
even if the company needs to turn a blind eye to the matter.Sometimes algorithmically, sometimes manually, we are operating towards making it additional efficient. It’s a complex problem and there’s no easy solution. It’s an AI problem and that we are working on it.”Twitter not looked into things, or has chosen to ignore an equivalent, given that the user base of the platform is on a constant decline due to competitors like Snapchat and Instagram, that have left Twitter miles behind within the social media race. These fake bot accounts not only account for Twitter’s user numbers,
but are literally responsible for deceptive the general public.

“It is difficult to assess exactly what % Twitter users are bots,”
said collegian Juan Echeverria, one of the computer scientists at University college London, WHO discovered the massive networks of fake Twitter accounts.



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