Underwater Place


5 Must See Underwater Places

Underwater Place


It’s hard to find a truly different restaurant but one does exist under the water. This seafood restaurant will serve you in a transparent dining room which only seats 14 people, adding to the rarity of this Bucket List experience. Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy a six course meal with all walks of marine life surrounding you.


This surreal art gallery is the brainchild of British Artist Jason De Caires Taylor. If you are an able diver or snorkeler you will be able to experience this stunning art under water. If you want to have a more aerial view above the water you can go on a glass bottom boat to see the figures from above. This ever changing art consists of more than 65 different sculptures and due to ocean and underwater life the color and image of these sculptures continues to change.


The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system at 1,400m and can even be seen from space. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and home to an abundance marine life including, sharks, turtles and more than 1,500 species of fish. You can see the reef by snorkeling or diving, this is the best way to see the reef up close. Boat excursions are available from many locations across the coast and if you want another angle of viewing you can always scenic flights in a helicopter or sea plane providing you with an eagle eyed view.


Have you ever wanted to visit the home of some of the most diverse marine life in the world? You can visit the most famous wildlife watching destination on the planet via a boat tour. Visits to most of the islands aren’t allowed without a guide however boats are limited to 100 people so you won’t be fighting over people to see the marine life. The islands are a Bucket List donation for a good reason, due to the lack of natural predators you will be able to get up close to friendly life such as giant sea tortoises and sea lions.


The story of the Titanic is a tragic one but history’s most famous shipwreck is still lying 12,500ft (3,800m) down on the North Atlantic Ocean bed. For £41,000 you could be sent down to the wreck to witness its former glory with your own eyes which is a truly rare experience for your Bucket List, did you know more people have been in space than set eyes on the Titanic.  If you have the cash on hand this won’t be an experience to forget.

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