Best Top 10 Upcoming Smartwatches of 2018


Upcoming Smartwatches of 2018

Today we are going to talk about the best upcoming smartwatches pick from various companies.


If you are looking for a stylish, technical, unique and latest gadget for yourself, then you should definitely go for the trendy smartwatches available in the market in numerous designs and quality. As today’s smartwatch is a precise definition of style and technology combined, which is the perfect device to add to your watches collection. Today smartwatch can perform plenty of functions, such as notifying, fitness, making a call or even making a purchase.

Best Smartwatch 2018

NameDisplayBattery LifeOptions
Apple Watch 31.53″ OLED18 hoursHeart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, 4G LTE Cellular, Bluetooth, Siri Speaks 
Apple Watch 21.53″ OLED18 hoursHeart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Bluetooth
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier1.3″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED3 daysText, Call, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Sony SmartWatch 31.6″ LCD2 daysSleep Tracker, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Charger
Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen.1.37″ or 1.56″ LCD1.5-2 daysHeart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
ASUS ZenWatch 31.39″ AMOLED2 daysWi-Fi, Bluetooth
LG Watch Urbane Smart Watch1.3″ P-OLED2 daysWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Huawei Watch 21.2″ AMOLED2 daysWi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G
Huawei Watch1.4″ AMOLED2 daysWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch1.2″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED1.5 daysWi-Fi, Bluetooth

1: Apple Watch 3 – Best Smartwatch 2018

Just released and new for 2018, the Apple Watch Series 3 replaces the old the Series 2 Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 Features

  • 4G LTE Cellular Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Built in GPS and Altimeter
  • Siri Speaks
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • 16 GB Storage Capacity
  • 18 Hour Battery Life

Feature check: Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, 4G LTE Cellular, Bluetooth, Siri Speaks.

Pros: Receive and Respond to texts and calls, Wireless Connectivity, Multitude of Apps,  Bluetooth Watch, Increased Heart Rate Monitoring, 18 Hours Battery Life

Cons: Can be bulky for some users

2: Apple Watch 2

The largest improvements over the original Apple Watch Series 1 are the upgraded water resistant design, GPS tracker, swim tracker, and faster/updated hardware.

Apple Watch

Other Features:

  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Breathe App
  • Third-Party Health Apps
  • Health App on iPhone

Feature check: Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Bluetooth.

Pros: Receive and Respond to texts and calls, Wireless connectability, Multitude of Apps, Wheelchair App, WatchOS 3, Bluetooth, Best Smart Watch for iPhone Compatibility

Cons: Can be bulky for some users

3: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

The most recent offering by Samsung, the Gear 3 Frontier Smartwatch, combines the Samsung Smartwatch iconic design with the latest and smartest technology.

Feature check: Text, Call, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Pros: Stylish, Display Customization (Rolex watch face anyone?!), Samsung Pay, Gorilla Glass, Durable, Display may not sit flush on the wrist for some users (slightly elevated), Bluetooth Watch, Watch Phone, Android Compatible Watch

Cons: Turn Dial design could lead to unintentionally being turned on, Overall Bulky Design.

4.  Sony SmartWatch 3– Best Sony Smartwatch

Looking to improve on the 2nd Generation Sony SmartWatch, the Sony SmartWatch 3 ditches the clumsy interface, improves waterproof capability, and adds interchangeable straps. Lets look a little further though.

Feature check: Sleep Tracker, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Charger.

Pros: Android Wear Smartwatch, Large Display, USB charging, Display Module is Removable, Affordable, Bluetooth Watch.

Cons: Not as Stylish as others, No Heart Rate Monitor, Reduced viewing angles.

5. Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen. – Best Android Smartwatch

Motorola’s introduction into the smartwatch market with their first generation Moto 360 smartwatch wasn’t exactly stellar.

Feature check: Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Pros: Two Size Offerings (42mm and 46mm), 6 Design/Color Choices, Moto360 Charging Dock, Upgraded Hardware, Bluetooth Watch, Android Wear Smartwatch

Cons: Doesn’t really stand out from other Android Wear Offerings

6.  ASUS ZenWatch 3 – Best Smartwatch for the money

When you think ASUS, you may think motherboards or graphics cards, but they also offer some of the best looking smartwatches and the ZenWatch 3 is no exception.

Feature check: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Pros:  Stylish, Classic Watch Design, Bluetooth Watch, Android Wear Smartwatch, Watch Phone Capability

Cons: No NFC, Bulky and Large, No GPS, No Heart Rate Monitor.

7. LG Watch Urbane SmartWatch – Best LG Smartwatch

As with most of the devices reviewed so far in the best smartwatch 2018 list, the LG Watch Urbane is a great looking smartwatch with a stylish design.

Feature check: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Pros: Stylish, Bluetooth Watch, Wi-Fi, Voice Recognition, Top Selling Android Smartwatch.

Cons: No GPS, Limited Fitness Tracking.

8. Huawei Watch 2 – Best 4G Smartwatch

The latest offering from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei within the past few weeks is the Huawei Watch 2 with 4G capability.


  • GPS Tracking,
  • Heart Rate Monitoring,
  • Real Time Guidance,
  • Workout Report; and,
  • Offline Music.

Pros: Best 4G Smartwatch, Rugged Display, Customization through Apps and Styles, Phone Watch Capability

Cons: Smaller Display than Huawei Watch 1, Large Size ( Not the best smartwatch for women).

9. Huawei Watch – Best Budget Smartwatch

Huawei is not exactly the most well known brand around, but they do make some fine looking smartwatches.

Feature check: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G

Pros: iPhone Compatible, Stylish, Large Bright Display, Display Customization, Bluetooth Watch, Android Smartwatch

Cons: No GPS, Limited Fitness Tracking

10:  Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Similar to the Apple Watch being replaced by the Apple Watch 2, Samsung’s Gear S2 Smartwatch was recently upgraded by the Gear S3.

Feature check: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Pros: Sleek, Proven Design, Samsung Pay, Customization (Display/Watchbands), Price, Cheap Smartwatch, Bluetooth Smart Watch, Android Smartwatch

Cons: Outdated now that the Samsung Gear S3 was released.



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