How to Use WhatsApp Live Location Sharing Launched


WhatsApp Live Location

Whatsapp live location sharing feature is short-term with Whatsapp users controlling all aspects about who to, when and for how long.



  • WhatsApp live location sharing is designed for short-term use
  • You can share your location with an individual or in a group chat
  • It’s rolling out now to Android and iOS users
 Whatsapp has announced a new feature that will tell people in your contacts where you are. “Whether you’re meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know you’re safe, or sharing your commute, Live Location is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are,” explains WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Live Location sharing feature is not permanent and you will have the option to share your real-time location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours with someone or a group. You can stop sharing your real time location any time you want.

How does it work?

  • Open the WhatsApp app and open the chat of the person you wish to share your live location with
  • Go to the attach option and click on ‘Location’ option
  • Make your phones GPS setting is enabled
  • Now, there will a map on the top half of the screen, while the second half will show ‘Share live location option’ followed by the nearest places option
  • Click on Share live location
  • You can now set the time. This is for how long you wish to share your location with your selected contact. The minimum time is 15 min. Below the timings, you can also send any message that you wish to and click on the send icon.
  • There’s also a ‘Stop sharing’ option. With this, you can stop sharing your live location whenever you want.

CONCLUSION : WhatsApp Live Location can help you to share easily your location and connect with your friends, family and your love one. it’s a cool feature that can add your whats’s app update.

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