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Useful Government Apps

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Important Mobile Apps: The current government is constantly paying attention to Digital India. Because of this, the government has launched many such mobile apps in the last few years, which has done a lot of work. Keeping these apps in your smartphone can eliminate many important tasks in minutes. Here we are going to tell you about 5 official mobile apps that people must keep in their smartphone.

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List of Best 5 Useful Government Apps You Should Download 

  • GST Rate Finder

The biggest problem with GST is that many people do not understand how much tax is levied on which things. In such cases, people are very difficult. This app is very beneficial for such people. Through this app, people can easily take information about how much GST tax they have on the product.

  • Indian Police on Call

These apps help people find nearby police stations on the basis of their location, so that any kind of problem can be immediately contacted by the police. It has all the amenities like root and distance. In addition to this, the district control room and SP office number is also provided in the app for the benefit of the people.

  • cVigil

Given the mounting hate speech and criminal cases during the election campaign, the Election Commission launched this app. Through this, people can share the event photo and video and give information about the incident.

  • mParivahan

Price: Free
  • mParivahan Screenshot
  • mParivahan Screenshot

Through this app, people can keep a digital copy of the license of their cars and keep it. In this case, this license will always be with you and there will be no fear of losing it. Apart from this, people can also get information about the registration of their car through this app. In addition, information about the registration of second hand vehicles can also be found from this app.

  • mPassport Seva

The biggest advantage of this app is that people can Apply for Passport from anywhere and at any time. With this, the status of applicant passport can also be tracked through this app. This app also gives the information needed to make a passport.


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