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Awesome Waterproof Gadgets You Can Use In Rain Or Underwater

In this article, I am discussing on 10 gadgets from different categories. Each device is having a good amount of coverage from the water. So let’s begin the device list along with their waterproof features.

1: Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge (Smartphones):

These are the name of two smartphones from Samsung Galaxy S7 editions. Both of these are really premium smartphones. These are the latest version from Samsung Galaxy S series.

2: Sony Xperia Z4 (Tablet)

Sony has brought to us another brand new tablet Sony Xperia Z4 with lots of features and attractions. Along with the other great features, in this tablet, you will also get the option of water resistance. So you can enjoy this tablet in any place like the beach, swimming pool, any vacation spots where there is water. So a tablet with a waterproof protection feature is really awesome because it helps us to enjoy our gadget more reluctantly without just thinking much.

3: Nikon COOLPIX AW130 (Point & Shoot Camera)

You can enjoy any moments of your life. No need to worry even if you want to enjoy it in water related activities like doing snorkeling, SCUBA diving, rafting or fishing. Even you can enjoy this camera while doing skiing or snowboarding because it is freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It is waterproof up to 100 feet underwater.

4: GoPro HERO 4 (Action Camera)

GoPro HERO 4 is a sports and action camera. This is an award-winning camera with great features that can attract all professional action and sports videographers. This particular action camera can give you the opportunity to enjoy your underwater photography up to 131 feet (i.e. 40 meters). It can prove to be best for professional photographers and SCUBA drivers.

5: Samsung Gear Fit (Smartwatch)

Samsung Gear Fit is another smartwatch from Samsung. We are already familiar with Samsung products. They are claiming that you can enjoy this watch from wearing it for 24/7. So go and enjoy every moment of your life with this watch. For your knowledge let me tell you about its water rating and that is IP67. So enjoy the water with it up to 1 meter in depth.

6: Sony SWR50 (Smartwatch)

Sony is a smartwatch from a very renowned brand named called SONY. Its specialty is its waterproof guarantee that you can get from it. Its waterproof rating is IP58. That means you can enjoy it while doing swimming in a pool or even in a shower or even in a bathtub. So from now you will no need to take tension for getting it spoiled in water.


Every gym rat and cross-fit, endorphin junkie on the planet can find workout headphone designers for miles, but when it comes to a pair of earphones that can fight off rain, or just a day at the pool, the pickings get terribly thin. Trying to get any electronics to work when wet and avoid shorting out as they get damp is a tall order. It gets harder with headphones because they need to be moving air in order to make sound, so they can’t be sealed up in a hermetic chamber. Expecting that sound to also be good is practically impossible.

Pyle PWPE10B

8: SURGE X-1

X-1 will suit you. Along with the inline controls is also a waterproof microphone that will work passably even after being fully submerged so that you can come to the surface and call your broker. While it does still need to be near enough to your phone for this to function, it certainly makes this a worthy contender for a pair of gym headphones that can go with you into the hot tub. An arrangement of 5 earbuds comes standard, and the X-1’s can also go below up to three meters. 8mm drivers produce plenty of sound, even if it does lack a little refinement. If you love iOS, then these do too, while others may find them a bit buggy.Surge X-1


Originally packaged so that the Walkman would actually be sitting in water in the factory packaging, Sony was damn desperate to convey to buyers that yes, they are serious about waterproofing their gear. While perhaps not the ideal headset for heavy swimmers due to the increased drag and slightly awkward hang, the Walkman is nonetheless a solid solution for anyone seeking a digital music player and pair of earbuds.

Sony W-Series Walkman


There’s a lot of ways to get popular. Swimbuds manages to do it through two routes. First, they come bundled with the waterproof iPod shuffles that make an appearance at nearly every pool. Second, they really are truly waterproof and produce excellent sound for a very reasonable price.Swimbuds Sport

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