Weighing Yourself Every Day May Help You Lose Weight


Weighing Yourself Every Day


Daily self-weighing may cause people to lose more weight and gain less of it back, compared to less-frequent weighing.

Attention people! Here’s another reason for you to lose weight even faster: Weighing yourself everyday may help you to shed those extra pounds, suggests a study.

According to researchers, standing on the weighing scales produced ‘unexpected’ effects by encouraging people to cut back on junk food.

Before we get into the evidence on daily weighing, you MUST understand the difference between these two questions:

Does weighing yourself each day help you lose weight?

In other words … on average, what is the impact of daily weighing in randomized trials, where one group was assigned to daily weighing and the other group wasn’t?

Will weighing yourself each day help YOU lose weight?

This means the specific ‘you’, as in one living, breathing person who might be looking to bolster their weight loss efforts.

In order to answer these questions, let’s look at the latest randomized trials on weighing, deconstruct what the scale is actually showing you, and then apply the results to individual people.

There’s a good reason for the standard recommendation to weigh yourself after waking up and going to the bathroom: fecal weight and urinary output can have large impacts on day-to-day weight variation.

Make It Work For You

There are a couple of tips when it comes to daily weigh-ins.

  • Weigh yourself at the same time every day. It doesn’t matter whether you pick the morning, afternoon, or evening, but stick to one time of day. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day due to a number of factors (most notably, hydration status), but you’re more likely to get an accurate portrait of any loss or gain if you weigh yourself at a consistent time.
  • Use the same scale. Use either your home scale or the scale at the gym, but not both. If one of them is off by even a pound or two, the discrepancy between the two could provide false information.
  • Don’t get too discouraged if the weight is not coming off fast enough, or, worst case scenario, you gain weight. Dust yourself off, refocus, and make some adjustments.

A few tips for daily weighing:

• Do it at the same time, in the same state of undress, each day. Most experts recommend morning, when people tend to weigh the least.

• Consider a newer Wi-Fi-enabled scale that can send your results to an app or website, creating an easy record — and often snazzy graphics. If you would rather not spend so much (up to $150), use an old-school scale and keep a paper record.

• Those newer digital scales also track body mass index (a measure of weight in relation to height) and body fat percentage. But keep in mind that BMI changes much more slowly than weight and that body fat measurements may not be accurate, experts say.

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