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Hello friends, I am Abhijeet Paliwal and all of you are welcome. Friends on my CRAZYJAR website. For people I have not been able to bring any post for a long time. I apologize for that. Today we have a new to pic that Google Launched in Adsense Yes Yes Google Adsense has launched Auto Setup, according to the needs of your website Ad Automatic will start appearing your website Friends Has launched Google in Ld, which will benefit many people and yet were not able to manage the Adsense correctly on your website is very beneficial.

  • Benefit of Adsense Auto

Friends will see an ad for all types of advertisements, so far as any ad you used to place on your website, it will be automatically customized according to your side according to your side, friends, the most important benefit to you is that before you You can earn more money from your side and get more focus on adsense ads

  • Website Optimization

Friends, first of all, you login to your Adsense, then click on the side in the side of the Home. Now you will see a new feature in your adsense page, and click on all the types of ads you want to activate. After clicking, click on the Done button at the end and copy the given code at the end and if you are on Blogger then go to the template and paste this code under the Aude if you are a WordPress user So when you go to the final, go to Appearance and click on the editor and paste this code below the Header. All these formats will show you after 5 minutes.

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