WhatsApp for Business gets confirmed


WhatsApp for Android to support ‘Verified Business Accounts’, will be indicated by green badge

WhatsApp is the world most used and famous mobile messaging application all across the world with over billion users.There’s some exciting news as a new feature is coming up which will appeal to businesses.

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WhatsApp for Business is yet to be officially launched, but the details about the same have been revealed by the company.WhatsApp’s plan to let businesses directly message its more than one billion users appears to be taking shape.

WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $22 billion in 2014, announced WhatsApp business plans to let businesses message users in August 2016.

WhatsApp also updated its privacy policy  in August to link with Facebook’s account data – a move that caused significant backlashfrom users and European regulators who questioned  Facebook’s initial commitment to let WhatsApp operate independently.

Facebook started letting businesses message its users on Messenger in April 2016, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has suggested  that businesses will be able to hook into WhatsApp in 2017.

  • Facebook’s WhatApp unit is testing a feature that could allow users to communicate with businesses via secure chat sessions.
  • The beta version of WhatsApp’s android app is part of a broader development effort to create the service a lot ofbusiness friendly.
  • Last week WhatsApp said it’s 1.3 billion monthly users, WHO share 55 billion messages and one billion videos each day

Shown above is a screenshot of what a WhatsApp for Business data page would appear as if. you have got the same old profile image, however there is currently a verified tick mark next to the name. Below it appears the verified address followed by the business name, its official email address and website.

WhatsApp has huge penetration around the world, these changes are necessary to bring the popular messaging app up to the technological level of apps like WeChat, and introduce messaging apps as a platform of commerce to the west.

WhatsApp For Business – 5 Tips

1) Using WhatsApp For Internal Team Communication

2) Using WhatsApp For Customer Communication

3) Using WhatsApp For Customer Support

4) Using WhatsApp For Marketing & Promotion

5) Creative Usage Of WhatsApp For Business


WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool. It has become widely popular due to its simplicity. Apart from using it for personal communication, you can use WhatsApp for your business in various ways. Its cost effective and you can get started quickly.

Are you using WhatsApp in your business? Please share your story in comments below.

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