WhatsApp Gets Its Own Set of Emoji that looks a lot like Apple’s


WhatsApp Gets Its Own Set of Emoji


  • WhatsApp beta users on Android can notice new emojis
  • New set available only to beta users on Android
  • The new set highly inspired by Apple


WhatsApp has introduced its own set of emojis that’s different from what we have seen so far. The new WhatsApp emojis area unit visible in latest beta version 2.17.363 for android users, and area unit likely to be extended to a lot of people in future.

WhatsApp has used Apple’s emoji for a while currently and has apparently decided it might be best to create its own set, just like a number of the opposite firms including Twitter. There are variety of them available as well as a construction worker, an eggplant, a ghost, and even an alien, simply to call a few —check a number of them out below.

At this point, we’ve determined to finish our support of the messenger emoji set to focus our attention on differentfeatures that help people specific themselves and create the messenger expertise fun and engaging. no matter what emoji you decide, it’ll currently look the same for all messenger users, regardless if the recipient is on android, iOS or another platform.

Not too long ago, WhatsApp beta users on Android received granular control to shut down data consuming phone’s storage space. For those unaware, the feature was around on iPhones since Jan this year but created it to android onlycurrently. Notably, the feature is however to create it to regular WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Created Its Own Set Of Emojis reminiscent of The Apple Ones

At now, instead of coming up with its own set of emojis for the messaging service, the corporate has simply taken design cues from those that Apple implements. WhatsApp basically tweaked Apple’s emojis to call them their own. The similarities is observed within the images provided, therefore you’ll simply compare them.

Instead, the android and web versions of messenger can use Facebook’s set of emojis, one more set of symbols the company has created. Meanwhile, the iPhone version of messenger can rely on Apple’s emojis.

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