WhatsApp Trick: Chanting in Hindi English or any Language in Seconds


WhatsApp Trick


The special feature of the app is that its logo is dragged as soon as it is dragged in Hindi, English or other languages, it converts it.

There is a problem with many times during the WhatsApp news or other chat. Especially when the front is chatting in English with you and your English is not good. In such a situation, you can help Android translate the free app to Android. The special thing of this app is that its logo is dragged in Hindi, English or any other language as it converts it into your preferred language.

About Hi Translate app

  • The full name of this app is Hi Translate – Whatsapp translate, Chat Translator.
  • App size is 7.4M and so far it has been installed more than 5 million times.
  • It can be easily installed on Android’s version 5.0 and above operating systems.
  • When this app’s logo is dragged on a language, it converts it.
  • Watch the video for how the app works.

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