WhatsApp for Web gets Status feature with the latest update


WhatsApp for Web gets Status feature

The latest update to WhatsApp for Web with the version number 0.2.5854 brings the Status feature to the service. In this version of WhatsApp Web, you will be able to see a new circular icon beside your profile picture on the chat window. The status on WhatsApp for Web can be seen by tapping on it. You will be redirected to a different page with a black background to see the contacts who have shared their status on WhatsApp for Web. On clicking on the circular image, you can see the status they have added and also reply to the same as you do in the mobile app. As usual, you can add photos, videos or GIFs with emojis and drawings as the WhatsApp for Web status and the same will disappear in 24 hours. The same will also display a caption that will be visible for 24 hours to your WhatsApp contacts before disappearing. The WhatsApp Status feature has turned out to be a huge success that the company has started rolling it out to the WhatsApp for Web client as well. Last month, the Facebook-owned messaging platform announced that they have over 1 billion daily active users. Besides announcing this, the company also revealed that the WhatsApp Status feature is used by 250 million users of their overall user base.

Apart from the old status coming back, WaBetaInfo also revealed that WhatsApp has renamed the ‘revoke’ feature as ‘unsend’. The option, which allows users to recall sent messages, is available under the three dot menu located on the top right corner of the app. Once users click on the ‘Unsend’ option, the app asks for a confirmation. When confirmed, the sent status changes to ‘This message was unsent’.

WhatsApp Status: How to post a WhatsApp Status

On iPhone, the bottom row of options has changed. The far left tab is now ‘Status’ instead of ‘Favourites’ and the centre icon is now ‘Camera’ instead of ‘Contacts’. The Camera button just allows you to send a photo or video to a contact quicker, it’s not the new feature.

To take and send a status, tap on Status in the lower left of the app. This screen is where all your contacts’ Statuses will be displayed. Each disappears after 24 hours.

First tap the + icon in the top right of the screen:

You can then take a photo with a tap, or hold to take a video. Hopefully something more interesting than porridge:

Once you’ve found something to set as your status, you can take the picture (or shoot the video!), then WhatsApp gives you the option to add a caption, text, emojis, GIFs and more. Once you’re done, hit the blue paper aeroplane icon to send:

Once you’ve sent, all of your contacts can view your Status by tapping Status, where all their contacts’ posts will appear under ‘Recent Updates’. They will see the screen below:

You can download the currently version of WhatsApp Web from this link. We will keep you updated once the above hidden features are enabled for the Web and Desktop application.

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