When to eat and when to rest, Everything tells you these Healthy Apps


When to eat and when to rest 

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In today’s changing technology, we settle for a lot of work in minutes. Despite this, many of us are also those who can not take out time for themselves. Continuous work and not paying attention to your own health can make us sick. But in today’s time there are some apps that are helpful in taking care of your health. There are many apps on the Google Play Store that take care of your health. These apps tell you when you are tired and how long you need to rest. Let’s put a look at these apps.

Take a Break

This app can be downloaded for free by visiting the Google Play Store. The app has so far downloaded 1 million users. The app has received 4.2 stars, which is rated by more than 1,500 users. The app will tell you when you have to take a break from your work. A feature of meditation is also given in the app, which will help you reduce your stress on the workplace. The app will sport both Android and iOS operating systems. So if you want to avoid stress during your work, then you can use this app.

Calorie Counter

You can download this app for free on the Google Play Store. The app has so far downloaded 5 million users. App received 4.6 stars, more than 17 million users rated it. This app is a nutrition app. Keeping your health in mind, the app will tell you what you want to eat and what does not. There are many great features in the app, which can be useful for you.


This app has so far downloaded 5 million users. App received 4.4 star, more than 1 million users rated it. If you are worried about your diet, then this app can prove to be a good option for you. Keeping in mind the men and women in the app, different guidelines have been prepared.

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