Which One is Best Browser: Chromium vs Chrome


 Chromium vs Chrome

Chromium vs Chrome

Chrome vs. Chromium

Google Chrome is amongst the top-notch freeware browser that was developed just a decade back in 2008. The browser uses web kit layout engine except for IOS releases. Google Chrome was initially released as the beta version in September 2008.

During the year 2008, Google had released the majority of the code resources of Chrome as open source project called Chromium. Earlier, browser was released for Windows XP and later version is more than 42 languages. Google Chrome can customize history and set itself as the default browser of the user on its own. The freeware can be conveniently downloaded and installed within seconds. Google chrome is managed by the Google and get automatically updated by the Google services.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is the open-source version of the Chrome. After the launch of the Google, Chrome Google has released the most of the code of the Chrome browser for development. That open-source code is maintained by the Chromium Project, while Google maintains chrome itself. Chromium is suitable to be downloaded for the Linux OS, but when it comes to Other operating systems, it turns the slightly tougher. Chromium can be compiled from the open source code and a trusted third party distributor. But it won’t updated automatically, for that you have to rely on the third party plugin. The User interface is pretty much similar to the Chrome browser.

What can be done?

  • Best Browser for Linux, Ubuntu and other open-sources platform.
  • Reinstalling chromium– the majority of the issues related with chromium can be resorted by just reinstalling the browser. One can download the official version of the chromium.
  • Restarting chromium– at times troubles can be resolved by just restarting the computer and chromium.
  • Resetting chromium– by resetting the chromium, users can overcome various issues with the browser. All you require doing is to restore the browser to factory mode.
  • Clearing up cache and cookies– problems faced with delay loading pages can be met out by simply emptying up the default stored cookies and cache memory.

Common issues in Chromium

  • Auto storage of cookies: The biggest problem faced by chromium users is that cookies get automatically stored in computer systems while websites are being visited.
  • Hindering of routine operations: Chromium enables cookies as its default program because of which various activities tend to get crippled. The auto storage of cookies ends up slowing down the normal functioning of the browser
  • Auto tracking of the preferences: One has to use chromium will setup for customizing history and to avoid tracking down the preferences
  • Chromium crash: Crashing of chromium browser because of flash, viruses and malware infection.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting in Chromium plugins including Flash, Java, QuickTime and real player


What Google Chrome Can Do 

  • Automatic Updates: Google Chrome uses GoogleUpdate on Windows as GoogleSoftwareUpdateAgent and GoogleSoftwareUpdateDaemon on Mac. It can easily updated the Chrome as per Google.
  • Chrome Web Store: Chrome has the Google Web store to add the extension for the Chrome browser.
  • Reopen the accidentally closed tabs: various times the accidently closed tabs create a great trouble source for the users.This problem can be resolved by just pressing Ctrl + Shift + T for opening up the closed tabs.
  • Restoring tabs: with the help of `recent tabs` options, one can restore the tabs after the unexpected exit or crash.
  • Killing unresponsive web pages: multiple web pages can end up slowing down the loading speed of the browser. Thus, you must resort for closing down the unresponsive and un-required web pages while surfing the internet.
  • Fixing up the corrupt chrome files: at times, you shall spot that your chrome profile is not opening up in a proper way. To work around this problem, you require deleting the profile and signing in again.
  • Wipe the slate clean: when things get worse, then the only nuclear resort that has been left with the users is to wipe away every possible thing and reinstalling them again. By wiping up the stored data, you shall reset flags, preferences and other settings to their default level.

Common issues in Google Chrome.

  • No page rank and Google toolbar: Google page rankings are highly important for the bloggers. Google Chrome lacks page ranking plugin which is quite disappointing.
  • No warning texts: the browser does not display any warning text on shutting down the open tabs accidently.
  • Uneasy tab interface: it becomes quite difficult to operate multiple windows over Google Chrome. The large numbers of tabs create ample troubles for the users.
  • No mode for full screen: the worst part of Google Chrome is that there is no full-screen mode button. Users are forced to view the contents in small forms.
  • During the multiple tab chrome doesn’t work well, sometimes it just stuck and won’t load the web page.

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