Why YouTube has deleted 80 million videos


YouTube recently said that the company has deleted nearly 5 million videos. These videos were uploaded in the last quarter of 2017. The video sharing platform authorized by Google had already deleted these videos before viewing the viewers. This company would also have done this because it has been facing criticism for a long time to post inappropriate content from various governments.


1 Video Removed Videos Before Incoming

YouTube has reported in the report that 76% of the 80 million videos have been removed before the visit to 1 view. They also included videos promoting violent protests. Careful attention has been taken on the matter.

YouTube Community Guidelines violation

In total, there are 9.3 million YouTube videos that are violating the YouTube Community Guidelines. Most of these videos are in Volume India. The United States is on the second and the United Kingdom is the sixth number in the same way.

Regularly checking videos for youtube

YouTube has reported in the report that we are constantly investigating the videos and are trying to remove videos that violate the rules even before the arrival of a view. By the end of this year, we will improve our reporting system so that videos with incredible content will be removed faster.

Due to this you have to remove YouTube videos.

Let us tell you that last week 300 companies and organizations had reported to YouTube about their AIDS show with objectionable content, including Adidas, Amazon and Netflix. To correct this, YouTube was advised to remove videos with offensive content. After that, YouTube has had to remove these videos after coming to Prasar.

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