Women Streamers with the Most Followers on Twitch


Subscribers of female streaming accounts rarely come to their page to learn something about the game, most of the time the viewer just wants to see a nice picture. And many of them are willing to donate huge sums just to have this pleasure of watching a beautiful girl who shares the enthusiasm of playing a game or is simply chatting. At the same time, even small donations add to a bigger sum and result in popular channels raising huge amounts of money. That is why pretty girls streamers chase the audience and do their best to collect as many viewers as possible on their broadcasts. And most of them became popular in the lifestyle or just chatting because they have something to show and what to chat about with the audience. Today let’s talk about the brightest examples of successful women streamers with the biggest following base on Twitch platform.

  • Olyashaa (Just Chatting), 344k followers

If you think about Russian women who are also streamers on Twitch, you immediately think about Olyasha. A girl is still in the tops of Twitch mainly because of his collaborations with a variety of people well-known in the Internet space.

  • Valkyrae (Fortnite) 621k followers

Charming Valkyrae is supported by the American sports organization called 100 Thieves. The girl has an outstanding appearance, but at the same time she dresses and behaves quite modestly, bribing numerous viewers with her sincere emotions.

  • Pokimane (League of Legends) 2.77m followers

Pokimane has also gained popularity thanks to her cute looks and sincere emotions, but also thanks to multi-gaming. In addition to League of Legends, which is her main discipline, Poki also plays Fortnite in solo mode and more.

  • Alinity (Overwatch) 780k followers

A beautiful girl plays Overwatch and entertains the audience with her pets as she has three cats. And a dog. There have been some controversies about her behaving too provocative and showing off her body parts on the platform. There even was a petition once about her banning, but eventually, everything was solved out. As you can see, her channel is still functioning and subscribing more followers from day to day.

  • djarii (Just Chatting) 327k followers

djarii has an interesting Instagram, where she posts her creative artworks. As she creates body art inspired by various characters from popular games during the stream as well as plays games. She mainly presents herself as an artist, but streaming has indeed become her full-time job now.

  • KittyPlaysGames (CS: GO, Fortnite, and PUBG) 800k followers

A pretty girl named Kristen is 27 years old. This female streamer was born in British Columbia. Of course, we don’t know who did Kristen dream of becoming when she grows up, but today, she is included in the list of the top 100 streamers on Twitch. Similar to other big streamers, she brings home bacon by broadcasting, so she is compelled to stream twice a day. During these sessions, she is interacting with the audience trying to keep the atmosphere relaxed and real. A girl also has her lifestyle blog where she vlogs about cooking, traveling and unusual experience.

  • LegendaryLea (Hearthstone, CS: GO) 640k followers

Behind this iconic nickname, the lovely girl Lea May Currier hides. She will immediately grab your attention by how smart she is. Having a degree in Neuroscience and Physiology, she definitely knows how to entertain the audience. She is not a regular streamer; this is what so many people on the platform admire her for. As she chats with her audience while gaming although she prefers to play shooters and strategies that require a lot of concentration.

  • Kaceytron (Overwatch, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V) 470k followers

Kasey Caviness, better known as Kaceytron, has even called herself a “Fake Gamer Girl”. Because she has openly used controversies and sexuality to attract people’s attention. Of course, she managed to grow her number of subscribers, but it wouldn’t be without her sarcastic sense of humor that she then kept it. So, if she doesn’t want to boast, we are going to do this for her. Because she deserves your attention.

  • xMinks (H1Z1 and Call of Duty) 355k followers

This former Pharmacy sphere worker is a living example that you do not have to own the biggest following base to be one of the most famous Twitch streamers. She is the widely popular gamer that has switched her career of dispensary technician to working as a streamer. And we are sure that she didn’t regret this decision even for a minute. Now she can play her favorite games, including Fortnite, boasting of the title of one of the best players in Australia and earn money from this!


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