World Hepatitis Day Drowning Tattoo on Body May Injurious for Health


Hepatitis Injurious for Health

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Hepatitis-B is a serious infection affecting the liver. This virus targets the patient’s liver, due to which the body is permanently affected. It can lead to diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, fatigue, muscular pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, high fever and jaundice.

After Hepatitis B infection, it takes about six months to recover the patient. Even if the patient is Hepatitis B positive, this means that the disease has taken a serious form and now it will remain for a lifetime. When severely infected, the permanent liver damage to the patient’s liver. The patient may also die due to cancer of the liver.

Treatment of Hepatitis B usually reduces to 90 percent of adults, but in 10 percent, the disease takes serious form.
90% of the babies affected by the infection have severe hepatitis. Serious infection usually occurs to people who have been infected with hepatitis B virus in childhood. Infected with hepatitis B virus, you may not notice any symptoms.

Many people love making tattoos to match the fashion with changing lifestyle, but tattoos made for fashion can be dangerous for you. Recently, a model gave birth to their eyes by making tattoos in their eyes. Today we will tell you which places where tattooing can be dangerous for you.

1. Tattoo on Eyes

Eyes can be illuminated by making tattoos out of your eyes or inside. The needle used to make tattoos causes your eyesight to go away due to the injection.

2. Tattoos on the muscles

You get the muscles from hobbies, but after that you get pain, smelling and infection all the way. Therefore do not make tattoos on the muscles by forgetting them.

3. Tattoos on sesame or wart

Tattooing on sesame or warted part can lead to cancer risk. To make tattoos, the needle is put in a lot of depth. The risk of infection is the highest on sesame or warts.

4. Hepatitis B

If you want to make tattoos, you should first take injection of hepatitis B. This reduces the risk of infection. Apart from this, after preparing tattoos, you must install antibiotic cream daily.

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