Confirmed : Xiaomi Mi 7 Feature With Wireless Charging

It’s extremely likely that Xiaomi is preparing to launch devices that support the Qi standard although it remains to be seen whether the first Xiaomi-made phone with wireless charging will be the Mi 7.


Xiaomi Mi 7 Feature Wireless Charging

It seems like Xiaomi has finally jumped the wireless charging bandwagon and the Mi 7 might be the first Xiaomi phone to feature wireless charging. Xiaomi seems to have joined the Wireless Power Consortium according to their official website.

Xiaomi Mi 7

Wireless Power Consortium was formed back in 2008 and its sole purpose is to promote wide market adoption of the Qi wireless charging technology. In 2012, Google and Nokia released phones that supported inductive charging using the Qi standard. From then on, the consortium started receiving mainstream coverage as more and more companies joined it. Over the years, wireless charging has become a standard parameter for flagship smartphones as the trend and need for wireless charging has increased.

The Xiaomi also didn’t reveal any detail regarding the module which they will be getting from IDC. The Mi 7 is expected to support Qi Wireless charging. Apart from wireless charging modules the company also confirms they will be getting RF products as well, this clearly indicates the Mi 7 could be the smartphone which Xiaomi will be selling via carriers in the US.

Following the traditional timetable, Mi 7 is expected to arrive in the first quarter next year, around the same time when Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S9 series. The support for wireless charging also hints at another key feature, which is glass back design – essential for Qi standard wireless charging.

While it is expected from Xiaomi that it will bring wireless charging among other trending technologies to flagship devices, it will be interesting to see if it can do the same for its cheaper smartphones. Only time can tell.

There is no official word from Xiaomi being listed as a member suggests that it is extremely likely that Xiaomi is preparing to launch devices that support the Qi standard. Whether the Mi 7 will have wireless charging or not is yet to be seen, and chances of next year’s Mi Mix 3 having wireless charging is a possibility as well, since the Mi Mix 3 will be a more globally targeted device, just like the Mi Mix 2.

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