YouTube introduces users to Breaking News




YouTube has introduced a ‘Breaking News’ carousel to its mobile apps and homepage, a move that could indicate parent company Google wants to make it easier for users to source important content on a platform where 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.Unlike most roll-outs of YouTube features, this one is not restricted to a limited audience, and seems to have been done on a wider scale.

This can also be believed that there is a possibility that this section and such videos will only appear when an incident such as the Barcelona terror attack occurs. However, it is unclear as of now whether Breaking News is a feature to appear occasionally or permanently, but there is an option of hiding the section if a user wants to opt-out.

The recent changes have been introduced to make the platform user-friendly and to attract more users. Not too long ago YouTube’s usage was made public at VidCon 2017. It was announced that the platform was being browsed by 1.3 billion logged-in users every month along with the fact that logged-in users spent an average of 1-hour daily on YouTube.

The feature is available for iOS, Android apps as well as for YouTube’s desktop website, and is being rolled out in phases.

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