Youtube Tests Explore Feature To Expand Viewing Habits




Google-owned YouTube is testing the new ‘Explore’ feature. This will help the user find relevant channels and videos based on the browsed search history of the mobile. Tom Leung, director of product management at YouTube, said on the company’s ‘Creator Insider’ channel, ‘Explore’ has been designed to provide you with a variety of topics, videos and YouTube channels based on your viewing activities, as far as You probably will not be able to reach.

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  • Running Experiments on the Explore Tab

Experimental ‘Explore’ tab will be one percent of iPhone users under the YouTube app. Leung did not even tell how long it would be available to Android users. The Facebook-owned photo-messaging app instagram also has the ‘Explore’ tab, which provides users with content related to their choice based on their search history.

  • YouTube is Working to Stop Fake Notifications

Earlier YouTube had announced a number of steps to check the misleading information and to test the truth about the news for the help of news organizations. The company had said that $ 2.5 million would be invested to combat these challenges. U-Tube had said that it would make news sources more “reliable”. In particular, especially in the case of breaking news, the precaution will be carried out where wrong information can easily spread. YouTube Video Search will start showing a small description of the video and the news related to it. (From input INS).

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